The Only Cheap Beats By Dre Available Nearby.

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When I first heard that Dr. Dre was releasing his own line of cans, I was doubtful. I can’t believe that anything of quality would be released and I believed the entire concept was merely a marketing trick (attaching a world famous name to a brand of earbuds to help them market). I have now come to consider the reverse.


The Beats product line by Dr. Drehas several types of cans. There are the professional studio headphones – the Beats Studio. The Beats Solo is a cheap beats by Dre, alternative to the Solo. While the cheap Beats by Dre Solo does not provide the same audio quality as the Beats Studio, it should meet the typical consumer. This post will concentrate on the Beats Tour – the earbud alternative in the Beats by Dr. Dre product line.


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The Beats Tour has the normal 20hz to 20,000 khz frequency response. 20hz appears a little high for an earbud that promises to be a « good reproduction of hip hop ». Generally the lesser value the better the bass. From experience 14hz is the perfect value. On The Other Hand, the Beats Tour earbuds have an impressive driver design. As quoted from the Tour’s feature list: « Large, high efficiency drivers allow you to crank it up and love loud play without sound-wrecking distortion. » Driver size is one-of the very significant characteristics to look for when buying earbuds (especially should you need a great bass response). Because of their tiny size, earbuds frequently have average drivers. The Tour earbuds assert large drivers, and based on the positive customer answer, it looks the large drivers size makes up for the mediocre frequency response.


These earbuds come with « The World’s First Tangle-Free Cable ». While this may not seem as an important issue at first, as you use earbuds you realize the annoyance of tangled cords. The Beats Tour earbuds have a flat cable, thus effectively removing that issue. Previously there were issues with the earbud cable breakage. The fact that the earbud cable breaks, outweighs the advantages of a tangle free cord. However this problem has been resolved and Tour earbuds purchased today, come with a new and improved wire that won’t break.


I believe the cans are great for hip-hop or rap since that is all I used them for. First, the packaging of these cans is astonishing. The producers at Monster designed a bundle that gets your eyes. When I open the bundle, I was extremely impressed by-the style at the first sight, and work that went in to ensuring a perfect produce. It includes a tough zipper carrying case, for traveling and various cables. Second, the cans have an astonishing sound quality. On-the box it claims that Dr. Dre wants you to hear what they hear in the studio and believe me, you do. These headphones provide the best sound quality by far. Bass is good, and all kinds of music sound great. I think they fulfill Dr. Dre’s demand.


Beyond that, I found the design to not be practical, despite how aesthetically pleasing they may be, even the cheap beats by dre Solo. On the plus side, they are lightweight. On the downside, the ear cups are fairly bulky. I’m also unhappy about the way they swivel. It is difficult to describe and might sound like a stupid issue, but the second I picked them up, I nearly gave up on them there.


In conclusion, joining up and coming producers for example Nebula that have interesting strategies for example supplying royalty-free beats allows you as the burgeoning mogul to influence on the quality work of others to construct your own brand name and skills. In addition, it provides a great opportunity to work all on your own product without sinking under the costs of studio time and paying royalties.

You shouldn’t be scared of taking your match to the next step. See you in the streets check this out!


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